Another Intel CPU vulnerability, and another performance decrease due to a patch. RFDS affects small cores of modern processors

by alex

But the performance decrease is small

Another vulnerability has been discovered in Intel processors. It's called Register File Data Sampling (RFDS), but Intel revealed information about it after it released a CPU microcode fix. Phoronix tests showed that this time, fortunately, there was no significant decrease in performance. 

The problem affects only small cores of modern Intel CPUs, that is, almost all Core processors starting from the 12th generation, and all modern «atomic» CPU.  

The fix reduces performance by an average of 5%, but there are also applications where the performance drops by 10%. The tests were carried out on a Core i9-14900K, and here you need to understand that the result will depend, among other things, on the ratio of large and small cores in a particular CPU. 

Intel also wants its own technology for creating “extra” frames in games. The company is already working on ExtraSS

So far, only Linux users have received the fix, so Windows users will only experience a performance hit.  

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