And yet the “Chinese” are freezing. Owners of Geely Monjaro and Geely Atlas Pro complain about freezing door locks

by alex

The mechanism itself freezes inside the door

The Telegram channel of Geely car owners in Russia is actively discussing the problem of freezing door locks in different models of the company's crossovers. The cases cannot be called very widespread, but they are not isolated either.

For example, in the photo below the Geely Monjaro lock is frozen in the Locked position when both rear doors are already open. And although Monjaro was taken as an example, judging by the reviews of the owners, the problem with freezing door locks most often plagues the Geely Atlas Pro. The owners also share life hacks on how to avoid such situations.

И всё-таки «китайцы» замерзают. Владельцы Geely Monjaro и Geely Atlas Pro жалуются на замерзающие замки дверей

However, Russians are not particularly afraid of the shortcomings of Geely cars: today it became known that for three weeks in a row Geely has been ranked second in sales in Russia, second only to Lada.

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