An apology for the OpenAI drama? ChatGPT Voice has become available to everyone for free – the chatbot can hear and speak

by alex

Earlier, OpenAI announced a temporary suspension of registration of users of the paid subscription ChatGPT Plus

While the public is excitedly watching the unfolding drama with the dismissal and return of Sam Altman, the OpenAI team made a pleasant announcement for its fans. As reported on the OpenAI blog, the ChatGPT Voice service has become available free of charge to all users.

Извинение за драму вокруг OpenAI? ChatGPT Voice стал доступен для всех желающих бесплатно - чат-бот может слышать и говорить

OpenAI explains:

Download the app on your phone and tap the headphones icon to start a conversation.

It's worth noting that ChatGPT Voice itself is nothing new. The service has been running since September 2023 and offers a truly enjoyable experience with artificial intelligence. It's a lot like talking to a virtual assistant, but it's more lively.

However, until now, ChatGPT Voice was only available to paid subscription users. And now users of the ChatGPT app for iOS and Android will be able to use this feature without any problems, even without a paid subscription.

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