The assembly of the “very long-awaited for the market” Lada Largus and the modernization of the line were shown on video

by alex

Serial production will begin in May

In Izhevsk, the assembly of prototypes of Lada Largus cars with an internal combustion engine began, which was shown in the following video.

At the moment, prototypes are being assembled, the production line is being modernized and various improvements are being made.

In particular, a manipulator was added to install the gas tank, which made it possible to improve the ergonomics of the Chassis section of the line, as well as reduce the load on the hands and backs of employees who were previously forced to hold the gas tank while installation.

AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov previously called the Lada Largus with an internal combustion engine a “very long-awaited product for the market.” The launch of mass production of gasoline cars is expected in May.

Despite the sanctions. Sales of luxury cars in Russia have jumped by almost 100%, the most popular being the Lamborghini Urus

And already in the third quarter, serial production of the electric Lada Largus will start.

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