Geely Monjaro is the most popular “parallel” model in Russia in 2023. And the most popular brand is Toyota

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Other popular models include the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Toyota Camry

Analysts «Opening Auto» and the company «Automarketer» published data on parallel imports of cars to Russia in 2023. The most popular «parallel» The cars turned out to be Toyotas, they accounted for 15% of all registered cars. Also popular among Russians were «parallel» Hyundai and Kia (12% each). Rounding out the brand top 5 are Geely and BMW — 7% and 6% respectively.

Geely Monjaro — самая популярная «параллельная» модель в России в 2023 году. А самая популярная марка — Toyota

If we talk about specific models, the Geely Monjaro turned out to be the most popular: this crossover accounted for 7% of all registrations. The top 5 model also included the Hyundai Tucson (4%), Kia Sportage (4%), Toyota Camry (4%) and Hyundai Santa Fe (3%) .

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