ET News: Apple is developing custom silicon batteries to improve battery life in future iPhones and other devices

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According to the Korean publication ETNews, Apple is actively developing a new battery design for future mobile devices, which will have greater performance and will have a longer service life.

It's no secret that Apple has long invested a lot of money in the development of various technologies, including hardware components, in order to gain a competitive advantage and reduce dependence on third-party companies, such as Broadcom/Qualcomm communication modules. In battery technology, earlier this year Apple committed to 100% recycled cobalt in all Apple-designed batteries by 2025—one of the company's key environmental initiatives.

Apple is reportedly considering using alternative cathode materials that would provide significant performance improvements while increasing battery longevity. In fact, the new message confirms preliminary information about the efforts of the iPhone developer in this direction – back in 2019, there were reports that Apple had hired a top manager from Samsung’s battery division to develop its own battery.

At the same time, ETNews sources report that Apple is actively considering using more silicon content in the battery rather than graphite. The new silicon-based approach will potentially improve overall battery capacity and reduce charging times. It's common knowledge that silicon tends to expand during the charging process – apparently Apple has found a way to mitigate this negative effect. The possibility of improving cathode properties by combining raw materials such as nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum is also being considered.

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Apple's new batteries are reported to be ready for use in production products no earlier than 2025 or later, so this should be considered a mid- or even long-term goal. You can also recall previous reports about Apple’s development of a special battery for the Apple Car electric vehicle project, which is also expected no earlier than 2025.

This year, Apple increased the battery capacity of all iPhone 15 models without exception: the top-end iPhone 15 Pro Max, which received a 4422 (17,109 Wh) battery, was expected to receive the largest addition.


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iPhone 15 Pro Max under x-ray

It is also appropriate to recall the recent complaints about the accelerated wear of the iPhone 14 Pro batteries – at one time this was the beginning of Batterygate, one of the most notorious scandals with the deliberate slowdown of older iPhone models, whose batteries wore out faster than others.

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