The strategy Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance, taken from the Russian studio, will not be released this year

by alex

The release of a new project in the Terminator universe has been postponed by Slitherine to February 2024

Slitherine has postponed the release of the strategy Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance to February 21, 2024, although the game was originally supposed to be released on PC on December 7.

The reasons for the transfer include the desire to release the most complete and optimized product, which has already become the norm for many studios.

“Our team believes that spending a few extra weeks tweaking, polishing, and fixing existing bugs will greatly improve the overall quality of the game. We strongly believe in the potential of the project and think you will like it.”

Initially, the development of the project was carried out by the Russian studio Cats Who Play, but at a certain point the British company Slitherine took away all the developed materials from the studio. The reasons for this move by Slitherine are unknown.

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