The first test flight of the MS-21 aircraft with PD-14 engines will take place in 2024

by alex

In the import-substituted version of the airliner, 36 foreign systems will be replaced with domestic ones

The “anti-sanction” MS-21 will not take off this year. According to Yakovlev Deputy General Director Oleg Nesterov, the first test flight of the entirely Russian version of the MS-21 will take place in 2024.

The airliner will receive PD-14 engines instead of the American PW1400G, but not only: it will replace 36 foreign systems with domestic ones. These include hydraulic systems, fuel system and auxiliary power unit. 33 of these systems are currently being tested.

Earlier, the head of the design bureau of the Engineering Center of PJSC Yakovlev, Andrei Yashutin, said that the MS-21 is 99% import-substituted, and the commercial operation of the airliner will begin in 2025.

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