Amazing results after State of Play. Astro Bot took third place in hits

by alex

After Sony's recent State of Play event, it became clear which games have attracted the most attention from gamers. The number of views of trailers can indicate interest in projects.

Monster Hunter Wilds was a hit, racking up an impressive 863,000 views at the time of publication. Players are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the iconic series with epic monster encounters.

Infinity Nikki came in second place with 782,000 views – the game attracted attention due to its unique design. In third place was Astro Bot with 582,000 views – a platformer with an adorable hero promises to be a hit.

Followed by Concord with 267 thousand, then Where Winds Meet and Dynasty Warriors Origins c 239 thousand. Silent Hill 2 received 159 thousand views. Ballad of Antara has 170 thousand views, and Until Dawn has 145 thousand.

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Please note that the numbers change dynamically.


Cover author: PlayStation. Cover source: PS Blog

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