After 20 years, World of Warcraft will reach new levels of inclusivity. Blizzard will take care of arachnophobes

by alex

World of Warcraft has been on the market for many years, and over time the attitude towards content and approach to building games has changed. Blizzard is gradually modernizing the game. Questions about the console version continue

World of Warcraft features a variety of content. However, there are players who may be attracted to one part of the content, while being shocked or horrified by another.

For example, there is such a thing as arachnophobia. Developers have long paid attention to the fear of arachnids and began to offer a special mode, where arthropods are replaced with some other object, so as not to cause alarm among gamers.

20 years later World of Warcraft will become a more inclusive game: Blizzard intends to introduce a similar mode for arachnophobes – instead of spider models, sensitive players will be offered crabs (a screenshot has not yet been provided).

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This is a good solution not only from a visual point of view (the feeling of what the player is currently fighting with is not particularly erased, since the spider is not replaced by an abstract barrel), but also from a technical point of view – crabs and spiders have the same hitboxes.

Some have been dreaming about a console version of World of Warcraft for many years: the developers at Blizzard are discussing this, but are not ready to say anything concrete (without an unequivocal “yes” or “no” yet “).

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