A viral video brought fame and a new car to the owner of a burnt-out car.

by alex

The car was donated by Stanley, whose mug was unwittingly advertised by Dani Marie Lettering

Kia owner Dani Marie Lettering posted a video online showing how the fire destroyed the interior of the car. In a short video, she praises the Stanley thermal mug that was in the cup holder.

The mug not only withstood the test of fire, but also retained the ice inside. “Everyone is worried about Stanley spilling… Yesterday my mug was on fire and there was still ice in it,” said Dani Marie Lettering.

Вирусный ролик принес владелице сгоревшего автомобиля славу и новую машину

The video quickly went viral and received more than 82 million views. According to Roadandtrack, the Stanley president promptly posted a comment on the TikTok video, saying that the company would not only send her several new Stanley products, but also replace her car for free.

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This answer also went viral and quickly received more than 30 million views. In the comments, users praised the reaction of the Stanley president. “This is great, I’m definitely going to buy a Stanley right now!” one wrote.

Dani Marie Lettering has already confirmed that she received free new Stanley items. The car has not yet been delivered.

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