Florida Joker won't calm down and issues 'final warning' to Rockstar

by alex

This time, Lawrence Sullivan demands to pay him five million dollars – and do it before his birthday in January

Lawrence “The Florida Joker” Sullivan has again demanded compensation from Rockstar for all the mental anguish he suffered when he learned that the studio used his image in the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6.

This time he demands 5 million dollars, although a little less than two weeks ago the amount was 3 million, and initially he asked for 1-2 million.

“GTA, we need to talk. They decided to play with my intellect?! Those were crazy days, and now this is the final warning. I returned from Miami, just arrived from California, talked to my two Jewish lawyers. We have sent you a letter. We're waiting for answer. If we don't get an answer by my birthday, which is January 11th, we will take legal action. Now I want five million dollars.”.

Rockstar did not respond to any of Sullivan's attempts to attract attention.

The Thief class was introduced in the latest trailer for Dragon's Dogma 2

It is not yet known exactly how much Sullivan himself paid DC for the image of the Joker, since he believes that it now belongs to him.

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