Suicide Squad's credits last over 1.5 hours. They hid an Easter egg, to get it you have to look for almost an hour in anticipation of a surprise

by alex

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League revealed an unexpected side. It looks like Rocksteady Studios has prepared a surprise for the most patient players

Finally, a full release of the long-term game Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League took place. Someone managed to get acquainted with the Rocksteady Studios game early by purchasing the premium edition, and some waited until the game was released (or watched live broadcasts/videos about the game).

It turns out that the authors of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has prepared an Easter egg for the most patient players. Recently, a video with credits was published on the YouTube channel GamersPrey – it lasts more than 1.5 hours (about 97 minutes). For comparison, the Batman Arkham Knights credits video is just over 15 minutes long.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League received a 37% discount the day before release. An amazing situation in a large market

The fan account Batman Arkham Videos stated that after about an hour of watching the credits, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League includes a musical surprise (it is not specified who discovered it and under what circumstances). At the same time, people playing in “streamer mode” (i.e., without the OST, which could result in a strike for copyright infringement) will not be able to find out about its existence.

Common players should hear the song “Nick Waterhouse – (If) You Want Trouble” when viewing the credits of Suicide Squad.

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