A powerful 490-horsepower premium crossover with a power reserve of more than 1,200 km – for 3.6 million rubles. Voyah Free 2024 has dropped in price to a record level in Belarus

by alex

Now the “flashman” Voyah Free in Belarus is much cheaper than the basic Geely Monjaro

In Belarus, the premium crossover Voyah Free was already much cheaper than in Russia, and now the price has dropped to a new super minimum: the official distributor offers to purchase the car for 125 900 Belarusian rubles, which is approximately 3 ,6 million Russian rubles.

In Russia, if you go by the official price list, the cost of a similar Voyah Free starts at 6 million rubles. Or another example: for a basic Geely Monjaro in Belarus they are asking 141,900 local rubles, the difference in price between the two cars, expressed in Russian rubles, — about 460 thousand in favor of Voyah.

In Belarus, for the equivalent of 3.6 million rubles, Voyah Free Pro in the EVR Flagship version with a 490 hp power plant is offered. and a power reserve of 1221 km (according to the CLTC methodology). There are a lot of cars on the distributor's website, and they are all in stock.

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