“You’re just testing incorrectly,” MediaTek reacts to criticism of the incredible throttling of the SoC Dimensity 9300

by alex

The company believes that testing needs to be done differently

MediaTek decided to respond to the hype around the incredible throttling of the SoC Dimensity 9300. It turned out that incorrect tests were to blame.

«Вы просто неправильно тестируете», — MediaTek отреагировала на критику невероятного троттлинга SoC Dimensity 9300

It is well known that all modern smartphones are equipped with thermal management to ensure that the temperature of the device is maintained within an acceptable/safe range.

The best way to use a CPU throttling test to compare devices is to run the test with the devices at the same temperature.

Thanks to its larger CPU cores, the Dimensity 9300 will achieve a much higher maximum and average score than the competition if testing is done correctly. Thus, Dimensity 9300 will be able to provide greater computing performance throughout the test.

It is not very clear how testing with the same temperature of smartphone cases should be carried out in practice and what relation this has to real use scenarios, however, so far there are only Vivo flagships on the market with the Dimensity 9300, so we need to wait for other smartphones to fully evaluate the behavior new MediaTek platform.

TSMC will produce chips for MediaTek using the 3 nm process technology, and Intel will produce chips using the 16 nm process technology

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