You won’t find such video cards on the market during the day. Enthusiasts have assembled a low-profile and single-slot 3D card

by alex

Based on Arc A380

Compact video cards in the budget segment are often found, as are low-profile ones. But the adapter must be low-profile, short, and single-slot — there is almost no such thing. And this is exactly the map that the enthusiasts from ETA Prime created. 

Таких видеокарт на рынке не сыщешь днём с огнём. Энтузиасты собрали низкопрофильную и при этом однослотовую 3D-карту

They took a low-profile Sparkle Ark A380 adapter and installed a cooler from the Arc A310 model on it. This cooling system occupies only one expansion slot. The result is the world's first low-profile and single-slot graphics card, Arc A380. And in general, there are practically no such cards on the market. 

Arc A380 cannot be called a performance video card, but it provides the basic level. In addition, it has 6 GB of memory, does not require additional power and supports AV1 hardware encoding. 

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