This technology was created specifically to eavesdrop on smartphone owners to generate advertising. CMG's development is called Active Listening

by alex

It is already offered to all interested

There are many stories on the Internet about how people receive advertisements for something they were recently talking about, which supposedly indicates that smartphones are listening to their users and transmitting this data to generate advertising. Companies, of course, do not admit this, but in fact now we have proof that such technologies exist and are involved. 

Cox Media Group introduced such a product called Active Listening. This software is specifically for listening to users through microphones in smartphones, but not only. The software can also be used in smart TVs and many other modern devices. The developers say their software can identify potential customers «based on random conversations in real time». 

It’s difficult to say whether anyone is already using CMG technology, but, on the one hand, the company is promoting it as a solution of the future, that is, it is clearly a fairly recent product, and on the other hand, the company allegedly provides data on return on investment, which may indirectly indicate that it already has clients. In any case, CMG may not be the first company with such a development. 

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