You can now access the web version of SberBank Online using your card number

by alex

And the start page has become simpler

Sber has updated the start page for logging into the web version of the SberBank Online application. It added another way to login — by card number. The bank believes that it will be suitable for those who periodically forget their login and password. Now the client can choose any of three login methods: 1) by login and password; 2) by phone; 3) by card number.

In addition, the appearance of the start page of the web version has become simpler and more convenient. Instead of the «Change password» buttons and «Restore access» one button has appeared “Forgot your login or password?», which leads to restoring access by card number or login. The bank notes that the web version of «SberBank Online» 5.5 million people use it monthly.

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