A real comedy. Suicide Squad servers are down again

by alex

Users who bought the Delux edition of the game for $100 are witnessing the third server outage

A real comedy. Suicide Squad servers are down again

The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League servers were shut down again at 14:30 Moscow time. Even if the owners of the Deluxe Edition were in the process of completing the campaign, they were simply thrown into the menu, showing a connection error screen.

“Hey, Squad! We switch to scheduled maintenance mode at 14:30 Moscow time. Players who were online at this moment will be disconnected. The game will be offline until maintenance is completed. Thanks to everyone who continues to play”, says Rocksteady.

Users in the comments are not particularly happy, because this is the third server shutdown since yesterday's start of early access.

“I managed to play for 45 minutes. This is absolutely terrible. A refund for early access must be made without a doubt.”.

“Apparently, you have guys, there is no quality control department, or even if you have one, the smart people working there don’t know how to test the game before launching it. Real comedy».

“If only these problems could be avoided by having an offline mode in the game…”

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