A PlayStation 5 exclusive lost a major market after the developer spoke out about politics. Rise of the Ronin release canceled in Korea

by alex

Promoting video games in the Asian region is a very delicate process. One of the promotions for Rise of the Ronin caused a wave of outrage and created huge problems for Sony PlayStation

Recently, the creators of Rise of the Ronin released a video. Soon after the publication, it became known that the release of the PlayStation 5 exclusive in South Korea was canceled not only in digital format, there will be no official physical copies either.

The reasons are not given, but Eurogamer journalists shed light on a strange event: the head of development, Fumuhiko Yasuda, mentions a Japanese philosopher and politician named Yoshida Shoin. He compared him to Socrates and stated that he had always wanted to present his teachings. Yoshida Shoin” is a very controversial person. This policy is associated with the debate in the 1870s over whether Korea should be “conquered to strengthen Japan's national power.” Then a decision was made against it, but in subsequent years Korea became a Japanese colony for 35 years (1910 – 1945).

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The mention of such a controversial figure outraged Korean society. Some Korean gamers began to attack the developers of Rise of the Ronin and ultimately the release was cancelled. It is unknown whether the game will ever officially appear in the region.

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