Xiaomi 10G Router and Xiaomi Router BE7000 began to receive the update to Wi-Fi 7

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New features added

The Xiaomi 10G Router and Xiaomi Router BE7000 began receiving a firmware update that adds support for Wi-Fi 7. The firmware for the Xiaomi 10G router was released under version number 1.1.6.

The update log talks about the addition of features such as Multi-Link Operation (MLO) and Multiple Resource Unit (MRU), which appeared in Wi-Fi 7.

Xiaomi 10G Router и Xiaomi Router BE7000 начали получать обновление до Wi-Fi 7

According to user reviews, although the Xiaomi 10G router does not open the 6 GHz frequency band, it received support for the MLO function, which requires the inclusion of multiple frequencies. Wi-Fi 7 devices that support MLO can connect to Wi-Fi on multiple frequency bands, but only one IP address can increase connection speeds.

Previously, Xiaomi officially announced that its new routers have officially passed Wi-Fi 7 certification. It was reported that Xiaomi 10G, Xiaomi Router BE7000 and Xiaomi Router BE6500 Pro routers will receive a firmware update before December 30th.

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