Windows laptops with MediaTek or Exynos processors? Within one to three years, the head of Arm expects several players to appear in the Windows on Arm market

by alex

Now it will only be Qualcomm

In the coming months, AI PC laptops will hit the market: PCs based on the Snapdragon X Elite/Plus SoC and running Windows on Arm. But it's not just Qualcomm that wants a piece of this pie. It is reported that other companies are also interested in this direction and are preparing their own chips. 

Arm CEO Rene Haas said that the market needs diversification to grow, and in the coming years, in addition to Snapdragon X, there will be other SoCs based on the Arm architecture in the AI ​​PC segment. < /p>

Growth of the PC industry, especially the Windows on Arm segment, will require a diversified supplier base to provide multiple devices, multiple chips, multiple price points, and a diverse experience for end consumers. Everything I hear says that within the next 12–36 months there will be multiple suppliers in this market 

Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 will return leadership to Qualcomm? Arm is allegedly experiencing problems with the Cortex-X5 supercore

Haas did not say how much exactly, but we have previously heard about similar plans from both MediaTek and Samsung. At a minimum, these two companies are quite capable of creating productive platforms based on Arm. Whether Unisoc will try to do something similar, one can only guess for now. 

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