“Multi-platform is an area we want to actively work on.” The head of Sony intends to soon change the policy for PlayStation exclusives

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"Multi-platform is an area we want to actively work on." The head of Sony intends to soon change the policy for PlayStation exclusives Author: Vlad Cherevko, today, 17:22

Since 2020, PlayStation exclusives for PC have been released with a noticeable delay compared to the console release. But judging by the new comments from the head of Sony, this will not be the case forever.

Sony Group President, COO and CFO Hiroki Totoki, responding to investor questions following Sony's latest financial report, said that the company is “actively working to release more games on other platforms as part of an “aggressive” profit growth plan. Thereby reducing the delay period between game releases on PlayStation and PC.

When asked how his gaming division could seek to increase profits, he first mentioned the difficulty of reducing PlayStation hardware costs given component prices, then highlighted a “multi-platform” approach to its own game releases as potentially more fruitful expansion area.

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"Мультиплатформенность — это область, над которой мы хотим активно работать." Глава Sony намерен в ближайшее время сменить политику для эксклюзивов PlayStation

Exclusive games for Playstation

“In the past, as you all know,” Totoki explained, “we wanted to popularize [our] console, and the main goal of the first-person game was to make the console popular.”

“That’s true,” he continued, “but there’s a synergy there. So, if you have strong native content not only on our console but also on other platforms such as desktop, you can enhance your native version with multi-platform and this can help increase your operating profit. So that's another issue we want to actively work on.”

Recall that under the leadership of the previous head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, who announced his departure from the company last September, the release of games for PC (if we are not talking about a game service) was postponed for at least a year relative to the console debut.

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