Why “Patriot”, “Pickup” and “Hunter” have become more expensive, they told at the plant

by alex

Official comment from UAZ

UAZ's press service explained why all the plant's SUVs went up in price at the beginning of this year. The manufacturer emphasized that throughout last year the plant kept prices for the entire line of models at the level announced at the beginning of the year. However, various changes have affected production.

Among the main factors that caused an increase in product prices by an average of 2.9%, it is worth noting the rise in prices of a number of Russian and imported auto components, the volatility of the foreign exchange market and changes in the cost of financial instruments since the beginning of the year.

UAZ press service

UAZ continues to implement several proprietary programs to reduce costs for new cars, including «UAZ Trade-in», «UAZ Finance» and «UAZ Leasing». Currently, customers can benefit up to RUB 300,000 when using these programs.

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Yesterday we reported that prices for the «Patriot», «Pickup» and «Hunter» increased in price by 35-50 thousand rubles.

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