Volkswagen ID. 3 burned to the ground, but the battery was not damaged. This is the first electric car fire in Slovakia

by alex

They set him on fire

EV fires are nothing new. However, in Slovakia, a burnt-out electric car this week became the first such case, which caused a heated debate.

Local media called it “the first fire involving an electric vehicle in the country's history,” sparking a debate among local netizens about “whether electric vehicles are safer than traditional gasoline cars.” ;raquo;.

During investigative surveillance, local fire departments discovered that German automaker Volkswagen was an innocent victim. Fire in Volkswagen ID. 3 occurred due to deliberate arson.

The fire and rescue service reported that the car was not charging at the time of the incident. Although the vehicle was severely damaged beyond repair, firefighters determined that the battery survived the fire without catching fire.

Colin Walker, head of transport at the UK Energy and Climate Intelligence Agency's think tank, said: «All the evidence shows that electric cars are much less prone to fires than petrol-powered cars. Many fires in gasoline or diesel vehicles go unreported».

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