[Video] Canceling pre-orders for Dragon's Dogma 2

by alex

The upcoming role-playing action game from the Japanese company Capcom recently acquired a release date and new gameplay footage

[Video] Canceling pre-orders for Dragon's Dogma 2

The other day, Capcom held a broadcast of Dragon's Dogma 2, during which it showed various game mechanics of the upcoming action role-playing game, gave a tour of the locations, and also demonstrated the battle with the giant Talos. It must be admitted that the footage shown is really impressive and inspires optimism about the upcoming game, definitely inspiring some people with the idea of pre-ordering it, but we strongly insist that this is a false idea, since most gaming companies have long discredited themselves.

Bright advertising often hides monotonous gameplay and far from the best optimization. If previously it was mainly Electronic Arts and Ubisoft that were caught using such advertising tricks, now you need to carefully monitor even respected Japanese companies – especially Capcom.

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Capcom likes to attach various monetization systems to its games, setting far from the most affordable prices, knowing full well that fans will pay.

(Publication cover source: Capcom)

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