Ubisoft advises players to get out of the habit of owning games; Take-Two did not like the new Remedy logo – the most interesting for January 16

by alex

A short digest of everything that has happened to the entertainment industry around the world over the past day

  • Take-Two attacked the authors of Alan Wake with a lawsuit – because of the new Remedy logo
  • The first gameplay has appeared trailer for the frosty strategy Frostpunk 2 – watch
  • Police confiscated a woman’s laptop because of sex modifications for Skyrim – depraved wolves
  • The first PS4 emulator that was able to run Bloodborne on PC will soon receive a major update – but only on Linux
  • Ubisoft wants players to get used to “not owning games” – the company bets on subscription
  • The debut project of the studio founded by the game director of “The Witcher 3” has received an official name – Dawnwalker is an action role-playing game in the backdrop of a dark fantasy
  • PS5 Tablet Edition will charm gamers – look at a unique fan model of PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will soon receive last year's Electronic Arts game – a January addition to the catalog
  • The Last of Us 2 Remastered gameplay leak with a new mode – look
  • Ubisoft has changed the name and increased the prices for the subscription Ubisoft+ service – the company is doing everything to make the community love it even more
Release date of Hollow Knight Silksong, the authors of Arena Breakout: Infinite stole the EFT code - the most interesting for May 8

(publication cover source: Ubisoft)

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