Informant: Xbox is “very surprised” by the extent of rumors surrounding the division’s future strategy

by alex

Rumors have been circulating online lately about the future of Xbox, and the company will soon respond at a “business update event” early next week.

According to Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, wild claims are making the rounds online as nothing seems to be “decided” yet.

He was talking with a few people at Xbox, and the team is surprised by the extent of the current rumors, since aside from a few games (Hi-Fi RUSH and Sea Of Thieves) that may be released on other platforms, nothing else is firmly decided:

“After talking to several people at Xbox, they are very surprised by the extent of the rumors, because as far as I understand, nothing is certain other than Hi-Fi and SoT.

Honestly, it seems like most of this is a prime example of a broken phone or people just making up crap to cash in on the hysteria. It will be interesting to see what is said because the rumors seem to be fueling decisions that need more time.”

“All this is being actively discussed. There would probably be more drama if they said, “We're discussing it.” So it will be interesting to see what they have to say, because the rumors have only sped up the time for a decision.”

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