This phone was drilled, cut with a knife, frozen and burned, but he didn’t care. The creators of Ulefone Armor 26 Ultra demonstrated its protection

by alex

Although there are questions about the video

The protected smartphone Ulefone Armor 26 Ultra was presented in May, and now the device was tested through water, a knife, an escalator and other influences. 

The authors from the Ulefone channel decided to prove that their new product is truly protected from literally everything. So they hammered nails into the phone, burned paper on it, tried to drill it with a drill, cut it with a knife, and threw it off the escalator. 

The smartphone successfully survived all the tests, but it is clear that in a number of cases the authors clearly limited their impact. This can be seen when testing with a knife or drill. Also, when hammering nails with a phone, there is a gluing in one place, and in another, the smartphone, albeit for a moment, still disappears from the frame.  

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On the other hand, the Ulefone Armor 26 Ultra is a typical well-protected device that should really survive a lot of things that no ordinary smartphone can survive.  

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