They want to supply Russian doctors and teachers with domestic tablets en masse

by alex

The pilot project will start next year, they will try different models of devices

The Ministry of Digital Development is going to massively provide Russian teachers and doctors with domestically produced tablets. As the Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadayev said during the Tadviser Summit conference, which is now taking place in Moscow, teachers and doctors will be supplied with tablets from 2025 as part of the new national project “Data Economy”.

Российских врачей и учителей хотят массово снабдить отечественными планшетами

Shadayev said that next year the ministry plans to launch a pilot project in which various versions of Russian tablets will be tested, although the option of using laptops is also being discussed. The “Data Economy” project, according to the minister, will make it possible not only to provide Russian teachers and doctors with tablets, but also to create the country’s own production of such devices, since there are not yet enough large orders for this.

We think tablets are more convenient. Based on the results of this, we hope that within the framework of the new program we will be able to choose the right path and, starting from 2025, accordingly, begin mass equipping teachers and doctors in hospitals, and doctors who go from house to house, with Russian tablets.

Maksut Shadayev

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