The United States needs another 10–20 years to achieve independence in the semiconductor market. The head of Nvidia thinks so

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Jensen Huang expressed commitment to the Chinese market

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang believes that the United States is still far from independence in the semiconductor manufacturing market.

США нужно ещё 10–20 лет для достижения независимости на рынке полупроводников. Так считает глава Nvidia

According to Huang, it will be another 10 to 20 years before the United States stops being dependent on Taiwanese and Chinese chip makers. Of course, this is provided that all these years the country’s course will be aimed at getting rid of this very dependence.

The United States has been working for quite some time to open chip production factories within the country, but it cannot be said that very many of these factories have already been built there.

Huang also noted that, despite US sanctions, Nvidia will continue to work with the Chinese market, as it is simply the largest. Let us remind you that yesterday it became known that instead of the banned RTX 4090, the company will create a GeForce RTX 4090 D (Dragon) specifically for China.

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