The second generation of the BAIC BJ40 frame SUV has appeared in Russia – the new product turned out to be cheaper than the original, which is assembled at Avtotor.

by alex

From 4.2 million rubles

The newest second-generation BAIC BJ40 SUV recently debuted on the Chinese market and has already appeared in Russia. A car produced in 2024 was put up for sale at a price of 4,200,000 rubles.

BAIC BJ40 of the first generation was launched into production at the Kaliningrad plant «Avtotor» last summer, while the car was sold at a price of 4,340,000 rubles, so the new product turned out to be an even better deal.

The new BJ40 has a more powerful engine compared to the Kaliningrad version, although their volume is the same — 2.0 liters. With a power of 245 horsepower and an eight-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission, this turbo engine comes with rigid all-wheel drive and low-range gearing, making it an ideal choice for serious off-road use. The driver can also lock both cross-axle differentials to improve cross-country ability.

The unique Lada Niva Travel Turbo has been put up for sale in Russia. Under the hood is a “herd” of 120 hp.

The car received a leather interior, a leather multifunction steering wheel, the equipment includes a digital instrument panel and two large screens on the front panel. One of the screens is intended for a multimedia complex, and the second — for front passenger.

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