The most unusual “capsule” Zeekr has been declassified. Zeekr Mix has been created since 2021

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Five-seater minivan with a 421 hp engine

The Chinese Ministry of Industry has declassified a new Zeekr model. The car, formerly known as M-Vision, has been developed since 2021 together with the American startup Waymo as an electric car with advanced autopilot functions. However, over the years, the project has undergone changes: now the model is called Zeekr Mix, it is built on the SEA-M platform and lacks a number of autonomous driving system sensors. But there remained an unusual «capsule» design.

Externally, the Zeekr Mix resembles the Zeekr 007 sedan that recently entered the Chinese market: there is the same long Zeekr Stargate LED screen in front. But the similarity with the Zeekr 007 is also in terms of the power plant: the minivan received a 421 hp engine. At least this is the version that is certified now. Later, perhaps, an all-wheel drive version will be certified, if the company even plans to produce one.

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Рассекречен самый необычный «капсульный» Zeekr. Zeekr Mix создавали с 2021 года

Dimensions of Zeekr Mix are 4688 x 1995 x 1755 mm, wheelbase — 3008 mm. The car is a five-seater, but in the future it is possible that a six-seater version will appear, with a 3+3 seating arrangement (three people in front, three in back). Minivan weight — 2639 or 2739 kg depending on the capacity of the traction battery, but there is no data on battery capacity or power reserve. The maximum speed of the Zeekr Mix is ​​limited to 180 km/h. Perhaps the twin-engine version will be able to reach a higher top speed.

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