Touch screens and ABS fail, the engine does not start. Owners and dealers listed the most common breakdowns of Chinese cars in winter

by alex

Owners of “Chinese” cars complain about battery drain and the build quality of their cars

«» presents the results of a study by during a survey of Chinese car owners and dealers, the most common problems with «Chinese» in Russia.

Car owners most often complain about battery discharge (36%), difficulties starting the engine (33%), breakdowns of the windshield wiper mechanism (blades, trapezoid itself, washer and its nozzles) — 24%. The owners of the «Chinese» on the quality of car assembly and paintwork defects (16%), as well as problems with brakes and gearboxes (14%).

As for dealers, customers most often contact them with problems with touch screens (43%). Dealers also note frequent customer complaints about problems starting the engine in cold weather and ABS failures.

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