Siemens and Microsoft create a “smart” assistant for production – of course, with artificial intelligence

by alex

In the future, the AI assistant will reduce the time it takes to complete tasks in production from weeks to minutes.

Siemens и Microsoft создают «умного» помощника для производства — конечно, с искусственным интеллектом

Siemens gas turbine plant in Berlin

German industrial giant Siemens is collaborating with Microsoft to develop a smart assistant that will improve collaboration between humans and machines in manufacturing. The assistant will use generative artificial intelligence to help workers create, optimize, or fine-tune automation code.

“This will reduce the execution time of tasks that previously took weeks to minutes,” Siemens said.

Microsoft has become a pioneer in integrating generative AI pilots into its products and services after investing more than $10 billion in ChatGPT developer OpenAI. The corporation is now working with partners to develop AI assistants to help industrial sectors including automotive, consumer goods and engineering.

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“This has the potential to revolutionize how companies design, develop, manufacture and operate. More accessible collaboration between people and machines will allow engineers to accelerate code development, increase innovation and reduce skilled labor shortages,” says Siemens CEO Roland Busch.

German automotive, aerospace and industrial components supplier Schaeffler already uses a similar assistant to create code for programming automation systems and reducing downtime in factories.

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