The industry's first liquid-cooled M.2 SSD with dual fans, and the world's first laptop with a 24TB SSD. Adata told what it will surprise at CES 2024

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Adata has prepared a number of interesting new products for CES 2024

Adata has revealed a range of new devices that will be presented at CES 2024 in Las Vegas next week. The list of new products is really large, but we’ll focus on the most interesting ones.

Adata will bring Project NeonStorm to CES 2024 — The industry's first M.2 SSD to feature liquid cooling with dual fans. The principle of operation here is the same as with any other life-supporting fluid: the coolant absorbs heat and transfers it to radiators, which are blown by fans (fans are located at the end parts of the system on both sides).

«Full convection system» It turned out to be not compact, but Adata assures that NeonStorm allows you to reduce the temperature of the SSD by more than 10% and ensure stable operation of the SSD with read and write speeds of 14 000 and 12 000 MB/s, respectively.

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NeonStorm is based on the Silicon Motion SM2508 controller and supports the PCIe Gen5 x4 interface. Maximum memory – 8 TB.

Another interesting new product from Adata at CES 2024 will be the new generation Xenia 15G laptop. It, like many other new products in the class, will receive 14th generation Intel Core processors and discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Laptop GPUs, but the feature is different: Xenia 15G will be the world’s first laptop with a 24 TB SSD and 96 GB of RAM.

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