The developer of the humanoid robot Figure 01 was valued at $2.6 billion – after investments from Bezos, OpenAI and Nvidia

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Figure AI has raised $675 million in its next funding round and plans to use the funds to accelerate the development of its humanoid robot Figure 01. Investors include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, OpenAI and Microsoft, CNBC reports.< /p>

Founded in 2022, Figure AI has developed a versatile robot called Figure 01 that looks and moves like a human. In the future, such robots are planned to be supplied for use in manufacturing, delivery and logistics, warehouses and retail – where there is “the greatest labor shortage.” According to the US Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there were 616,000 job openings in manufacturing in August 2023.

The startup notes that their vehicles are not intended for military or defense use.

This week, Figure AI released a new demo of Figure 01 walking on two legs, picking up plastic boxes and placing them on a conveyor belt:

The startup's ultimate goal is to “make” robots perform everyday tasks automatically, for which it plans to develop “more reliable AI systems.”

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On Thursday, Figure said it is collaborating with OpenAI to “develop next-generation artificial intelligence models for humanoid robots” and will use Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Figure AI is just one of many companies trying to create efficient humanoid robots. Amazon-backed Agility Robotics is already planning to open a factory that can produce up to 10,000 Digit bipedal robots a year. Tesla, meanwhile, is trying to build its own humanoid robot, Optimus, as is robotics company Boston Dynamics, which has developed several models. Norwegian robotics startup 1X Technologies also recently raised $100 million in funding with support from OpenAI.

Goldman Sachs analysts expect the humanoid robot market to reach $38 billion by 2035, and predict that more than 250,000 units could be shipped as early as 2030.

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