A combination of two eras: Windows XP launched on an Intel i486 processor

by alex

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Сочетание двух эпох: Windows XP запустили на процессоре Intel i486

A retro computer lover managed to run Windows XP on a computer with an Intel i486 processor . Now for many, the timing of the release of both seems somewhat like an old time, but in fact, ten years passed between the release of the processor and the OS – they are incompatible, that is, they were until now. The author has presented an ISO image of a modified Windows XP SP3 (German).

Windows XP was introduced in 2001. It existed for quite a long time and was popular among PC users even after support ended in 2014. The Intel i486 processor was released in 1989 and was Intel's fastest processor until the release of the Pentium in 1993. Thus, the processor and OS epochs do not overlap.

The minimum system requirements of Windows XP also do not allow it to be installed on the i486 OS. The OS is stated to require at least a Pentium (586) or compatible chip running at 233 MHz or higher, 64 MB of RAM and at least 1.5 GB of storage. The i486 processor has a frequency of 133 MHz, some copies could be successfully overclocked. Additionally, i486 systems typically had less memory.

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Сочетание двух эпох: Windows XP запустили на процессоре Intel i486

Dietmar enthusiast used disassembly and debugging tools to view opcodes. With this detailed information, he replaced the opcodes that were shutting down the CPU with ones that the i486 understood. After making this change and adjusting other incompatibilities, he was successful. The computer works, but the system information is not displayed very adequately, as can be seen in the screenshot.

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Сочетание двух эпох: Windows XP запустили на процессоре Intel i486

Сочетание двух эпох: Windows XP запустили на процессоре Intel i486

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