The Chinese will get the GeForce RTX 4090D, which will not only have a reduced GPU, but also have overclocking restrictions

by alex

Apparently due to the power limit limitation

The GeForce RTX 4090D video card, as we have already reported, will receive a stripped-down AD102 GPU, but its parameters are still unknown. It is now reported that buying an RTX 4090D and overclocking it to the performance level of the regular version will not work. 

The bottom line is that the RTX 4090D will either not support overclocking at all, or the overclocking capabilities will be reduced to almost zero. 

In particular, the TDP of the new version will be reduced from the usual 450 W to 425 W. If this is a hardware limitation, then you shouldn’t count on decent and stable overclocking. 

However, overclocking is still done by a small percentage of players, so obviously this reason will not be decisive for the majority.  

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Delivery of the AD102-250 GPU to China should begin this week, so all specifications of the RTX 4090D may soon appear on the Internet. 

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