The beavers were tired of hearing “kurwa” from the Poles and took up a knife and a firearm. Indie developer presented hardcore action Bobr Kurwa

by alex

A famous Polish meme inspired an indie developer. Beavers prepare to strike back at Bobr Kurwa

A video with a beaver and a Polish cameraman shouting “Bobr Kurwa” went viral on the Internet. One indie developer looked at this and a plan matured in his head.

SmoochGM added a Bobr Kurwa page to Steam, the plot is as follows: “Beavers are tired of being called KURWA, they decide to escape from Poland. However, their path to freedom is far from easy, as the dense Polish forest is teeming with treacherous creatures and dangerous obstacles“.

Bobr Kurwa is positioned as follows:

«is a roguelike inspired by Polish beaver memes, with a focus on hardcore gameplay. You control three unique beaver heroes at once, each with their own spells and upgradeable abilities. Your goal is to guide them through the dangerous Polish forests, fighting enemies and overcoming obstacles, until they finally reach the border“.

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Released by Bobr Kurwa is scheduled for May 2024, with no more specific date yet. You can add it to your Steam wishlist using the following link. Judging by the design of the page and the stated list of supported languages, there will be a translation into Russian.

Age restrictions have been set for the Bobr Kurwa trailer, you can watch it here:


Cover Creator: SmoochGM

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