Scarlett Johansson wants to sue the artificial intelligence that used her voice and photo for advertising

by alex

The advertisement was placed in the image editor Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook&Avatar.

According to Variety, an AI version of Scarlett Johansson appears in a 22-second commercial allegedly during the filming of Black Widow (which could trigger a lawsuit from Marvel) and her voice says:

“How are you? This is Scarlett and I want you to come with me. The program is not limited to creating avatars, it can generate images with text and even videos using AI. You can't miss it.”

At the bottom of the ad, the developer of the Convert Software program added a note – “the content was created by Lisa AI and has nothing to do with this person.”

Johansson's representatives say the actress never promoted the program itself or provided permission for the use of her voice or image. Lawyer Kevin Yorn said the situation would be resolved “legally.”

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“We don't take these things lightly. In these circumstances, we will continue our normal course of action with all legal remedies available to us,” Scarlett’s lawyer said in a statement to Variety.

Such “surprises” from AI no longer seem to surprise anyone – the image of Tom Hanks, for example, was used to advertise dental insurance, while the copied voice of actor Stephen Fry narrated a documentary.

We previously reported that the number of deepfakes on the Internet has grown exponentially since 2019 (and the quality too) – while less than 15,000 were detected then, now their number is in the millions. According to the World Economic Forum, deepfakes continue to grow by 900% annually.

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