Haval F7 2024 and Haval F7x 2024 have already fallen in price, but not in all versions

by alex

Cars in top versions with a 2-liter engine and all-wheel drive have become more accessible

According to Quto.ru, the Russian office of Haval has adjusted the price of the popular Haval F7 and Haval F7x crossovers produced in 2024: the previously valid discount (the so-called «direct benefit») in the amount of 100 thousand. rubles for these cars increased by 150 thousand rubles.

Taking into account this discount, an all-wheel drive Haval F7 in the Elite version with a 2-liter engine can be purchased for 2.8 million rubles. The cost of a similar car in the Premium configuration — 3 million rubles, in the Tech Plus package — 3.2 million rubles.

Prices for all-wheel drive Haval F7x with a 2-liter engine and taking into account the discount look like this: Elite — 2.85 million rubles, Premium — 3.05 million rubles, Tech Plus — 3.25 million rubles.

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