Samsung is on a roll: the company released 64.5 million smartphones and tablets in the first quarter of 2024, although it planned to release only 53 million

by alex

In connection with this, the output of the Samsung Display division has increased

Samsung exceeded its own plan for the release of new mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — by 22%. According to the Korean resource The Elec, with a plan of 53 million units for the first quarter of this year, Samsung released 64.5 million smartphones and tablets.

The structure of the devices produced is unknown, but Samsung plans to put 253 million smartphones on the market this year, of which 51 million are Galaxy S devices and foldable flagships.

Due to the increase in the production of tablets and smartphones, the output of the Samsung Display division, which produces OLED panels for mobile devices, has also increased.

An analogue of the iMac from Samsung based on Intel Core Ultra 7 and with a 4K screen. Sales of Samsung All-in-one Pro have started

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