Russians will not be left without Bentley. The Avtodom dealer has arranged supplies of any models and in any configuration, although the guarantee is only 30 thousand km

by alex

Or 12 months – whichever comes first

The Avtodom company has established deliveries of Bentley cars to Russia. As writes, any models and in any configurations are available for order.

Now available in the showroom on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in the capital is a Bentley Bentayga S in sky blue for 39 million rubles and a similar car, but in gray for 49 million rubles. There are also long-wheelbase Bentley Bentayga EWB, but their price is unknown.

However, when purchasing such an expensive car, you need to take into account one nuance: the warranty is 1 year or 30 thousand km. For comparison, Bentleys officially supplied to Russia (until 2022) were standardly accompanied by a 36-month warranty, and for an additional payment the warranty could be extended further – up to 11 years.

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