Rumor: Phil Spencer denies the end of Xbox. XboxEra has revealed what the next generation console should be like

by alex

It's no secret that initially every manufacturer suffers losses on new consoles, but in the case of Microsoft, the losses are so unsatisfactory that the company is going to change the direction of Xbox.

Is this really so? It will become known on February 15th, when Phil Spencer announces the future of the unit.

One of the editors of The Washington Post via the Substack platform reported that Phil Spencer was supposed to announce to employees at an internal meeting that the company would continue to develop new consoles. What's more, the creators of the XboxEra podcast have revealed what Microsoft's next hardware could be.

According to Nick Baker, Jason Ronald, lead designer for Xbox Series X|S, is not involved in creating the next generation successor. This task was supposed to be transferred to the Microsoft Surface team, which develops mobile devices. In short, this means that the new Xbox will be a portable or hybrid version in the style of the Nintendo Switch. And if you combine this with last year's rumors, then the Xbox Handheld may appear in 2026.

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