A hint of the release of a new Crash? Toys For Bob added a mysterious mask to the official website

by alex

An update to the Toys For Bob website has caused a stir among Crash Bandicoot fans, as the site's previous design has been replaced with an image of a purple Tiki mask on a black background.

Since the announcement of independence from Activision Blizzard and a new partnership with Xbox, fans have been waiting for news from the developer of the updated Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

Lately there have been rumors that Xbox will finance the studio's first project after the split. This gives Crash and Spyro fans hope that Toys for Bob is committed to their beloved franchises.

The appearance of the tiki mask on the Toys for Bob website has caused various interpretations and speculation among fans. Some believe this is the studio's new logo, as indicated by the name of the image file, while others see a potential hint at a new game.

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Given that Toys for Bob has repeatedly used tiki-themed elements in the design of its office, it can be assumed that the mask is not necessarily associated with a specific gaming project.

However, a site update suggests that Toys for Bob is preparing for an important announcement.

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