Smartphones are overtaking consoles. Every third gamer chooses mobile games

by alex

A new study has revealed a surprising trend: almost a third of gamers in the United States play exclusively on mobile devices.

ESA partnered with YouGov to conduct a study that found that 61% of people in the US game, which means there are approximately 190 million active gamers between the ages of 5 and 90.

Previously It was reported that 12% of gamers limited themselves to mobile games, but a 2024 study showed an increase to 31%. Moreover, 78% of gamers play on mobile devices, up from 64% last year. This change is due not only to the growing popularity of mobile games, but also to the inclusion of younger gamers in the survey.

The report also shows that the gender split among gamers remains roughly equal: 53 % of men and 46% of women. Among age groups, 79% of Generation Alphas (born after 2010) play at least an hour a week, while among Generation Z (1995-2009) – 76%, among Millennials (1980-1994) – 65%, among of Generation X (1965-1979) – 53%, and among Boomers (1944-1963) – 47%. The most popular gaming genre is puzzles, although younger gamers prefer action, arcade and shooter games.

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Video games are among the top three favorite forms of entertainment, along with listening to music and watching TV. The study sheds new light on the games industry, revealing that mobile games play an important role in the daily lives of millions of people. The mobile video game revolution is not just a trend, but a permanent part of popular culture, the importance of which is growing every year.


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