The head of AvtoVAZ told when Vesta with two pedals will appear. There are only a few months left to wait

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Judging by the words of Maxim Sokolov, VAZ is already completing tests of Vesta with a Chinese CVT and soon such a car will be put on the production line

The head of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, specified the date for the appearance of the Lada Vesta NG with two pedals on sale.

Глава АвтоВАЗа рассказал, когда появится Vesta с двумя педалями. Ждать осталось несколько месяцев

This will happen at the very beginning of 2024, in the first quarter. These cars will probably appear in our dealer network in March ,” Maxim Sokolov said on the Rossiya-1 TV channel.

That is, AvtoVAZ is already completing tests of the Vesta NG with a new transmission, and its mass production will begin in the coming months. It is already known that the car will receive a Chinese WanLiYang CVT18 variator. First, he will be registered in a Lada Vesta (naturally, the car will become more expensive, since the foreign component is clearly more expensive than the VAZ manual transmission), and later the Lada Granta will receive the same transmission.

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