“Really flat this time.” A well-known insider compared the screens of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra

by alex

The difference in the thickness of the screen frame at the bottom is also clearly visible

Insider Ice Universe provided a comparative image of the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra. While the curvature is clearly visible on the screen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra on the right, there is nothing similar on the screen of the future Galaxy S24 Ultra.

«На этот раз действительно плоский». Известный инсайдер сравнил экраны Galaxy S24 Ultra и Galaxy S23 Ultra

Comparing the official renders of the S24 Ultra with the S23 Ultra, this time [the screen] is really flat. There are no micro-curved surfaces, just a bit of curved glass, and the chin is smaller than the S23U ,” wrote Ice Universe.

At first, rumors spoke of a completely flat screen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but recently publications contradicting this have appeared. The image shared by Ice Universe suggests that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a flat screen after all. You can also clearly see the difference in the thickness of the screen frame at the bottom.

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Ice Universe was the first to accurately talk about the new trend for smartphones with waterfall screens, about the bangs in the iPhone X, about the new design of the iPhone 14 and about Samsung’s 200-megapixel image sensor. Exclusive information about new products is leaked to him by sources in the research and development department of the South Korean giant.

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