The former Russian Volkswagen plant may start producing GAC cars

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The GAC delegation also visited the Russian Hyundai plant

Sergei Tsyganov, auto expert and host of the Russian Automobile Telegram channel, shared details of the possible future of the Russian Volkswagen plant. According to him, the assembly of GAC cars can be established there.

На бывшем российском заводе Volkswagen могут наладить выпуск автомобилей GAC

Reportedly, today the GAC delegation is scheduled to arrive at the AGR plant in the Kaluga region (this is a former Volkswagen plant).

This is a potentially serious partner. Production Director Roman Klimov just recently returned from China, and General Director Kursakov has been in China for almost a month. Apparently, these extra efforts led to results and tomorrow a delegation is arriving that wants to not only establish small-unit assembly in Kaluga, but even assemble engines ,” reports Russian Automobile.

True, Sergei Tsyganov notes that the GAC delegation previously visited the Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg. Apparently, representatives of the Chinese company are looking for the best site for the production of their cars in Russia.

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Let us remind you that it became known earlier that GAC will present three new products in Russia in 2024: the GAC M8 minivan and a pair of crossovers.

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